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Rooms and apartments with wellness area in Sölden

Just like at home!

What would a vacation be without rest and relaxation?

Our guesthouse has a small but fine wellness area that provides the necessary well-being after a strenuous day of hiking or skiing. In addition to the Finnish sauna, certainly the classic among the various sweat baths, you can also enjoy the somewhat different kind of sauna, namely the steam bath. Let your soul dangle and feel the soothing warmth of our infrared heat cabin! Enjoyment for all the senses is provided by our experience showers, which differ from conventional showers by numerous types of sprinkling and additional functions. You will find peace and relaxation in our atmospheric relaxation room, where you can recharge your batteries with a glass of the clearest spring water, accompanied by wonderful fragrances and pleasant music.

Bathrobes and slippers for rent for a fee.

3D view relaxation room

The Finnish Sauna - The Classic Among Saunas (With Light Therapy)

In the Finnish sauna, probably the most traditional type of sauna, the air temperature of 80° - 90° Celsius and humidity of at least 10% stimulate the metabolism and circulation and promote blood flow.

You will learn to appreciate the properties of a sauna within a short time if you use it regularly. The beneficial climate of the Finnish sauna has a detoxifying and purifying effect, protects you from colds and keeps your body fit. However, sauna sessions also care for your skin and make you all-round beautiful. Your skin looks particularly attractive and firm after sauna sessions. The interplay of warmth and cold promotes your health.

Enjoy the warmth and relaxation during one of your sauna sessions!


Steam bath - the gentle alternative to the classic sauna (with starry sky)

The pleasant effect of the steam bath comes from the ratio of heat and humidity. With pleasant temperatures between 40° and 50° Celsius and high humidity, the steam bath provides a stimulating effect on the skin and respiratory tract, increases blood circulation and metabolism, and relaxes the muscles.

The steam bath is especially recommended for those who do not like it too hot or cannot tolerate higher temperatures. The ideal combination of heat and humidity!

Let yourself be enveloped by thick clouds of mist, enjoy the soothing warmth and forget about everyday life!


Infrared heat cabin - Feel the heat from inside

(with colored light therapy)

The mild radiant heat of infrared light in combination with temperatures between 45° and 65° Celsius has a very positive effect on the body. For many people, these temperatures are well tolerated and gentle on the heart and circulation.

Infrared heat is transmitted by rays that people cannot see but find extremely pleasant. The heat thus generated stimulates blood circulation and boosts the regeneration process. With regular use your immune system is strengthened

Experience shower - shower experience of the special kind

With a wide variety of technical functions and types of sprinkling, which have an extremely positive effect on circulation and health, your body will be massaged, relaxed or stimulated, just as you wish.

These showers bring you refreshment from all sides, whether from above or from the side - pure water fun, creates fascinating moments that free the mind and refresh your body.

The individual functions and special features of the experience showers unfold their effect even after the freshness pleasure and lead to a shower experience of a special kind.